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A Vikings Podcast: The Wild Hunt

The Wild Hunt is a Vikings recap produced by No Ship Network. Grab some mead and write in at

Sep 27, 2014

We just can not stop wanting to talk about Vikings! Join us for our coverage of the 1999 film loosely based on the journey of the historian Ahmed Ibn Fadlan. Fadlan traveled with and observed the Vikings, and in the interim, he provided humankind with a rare literary resource on Viking culture. Some of his experiences were reimagined by the novelist Michael Crichton in a short book titled Eaters of the Dead. Michael Crichton took Fadlan's experiences and melded them with some aspects of Beowulf to create a dark and fantastic quest story. The movie, The 13th Warrior, was directed by John McTiernan (Die Hard, Predator) and stars Antonio Banderas as Ahmed Ibn Fadlan.